Rifle / Pistol Range

The HPSA Rifle & Pistol range features a covered firing line, shooting benches, and 23 shooting lanes, with 19 of these lanes extending to slightly beyond 100 yards.  The remaining 4 lanes are shorter in distance and are designed to accommodate pistol shooters.  Shooters may bring their own paper targets to staple up to our free-standing, mobile target stands or they may purchase paper targets for a nominal fee.  Shooting distances are then determined by the shooters by placing their target stands at variable distances from the firing line.

Volunteer Range Safety Officers (RSOs) are on-hand whenever the range is open to ensure that all gun safety rules and procedures are followed.  This includes, but is not limited to, entering and leaving the range, shooting, changing targets, and all handling of firearms.  RSOs ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting environment for all.


Rifle & Pistol Range Rules

Huron Pointe is a membership club. However, if space exists, non-members may utilize our range as a guest after paying the appropriate non-member fee and consenting to our hold-harmless agreement.

Our staff consists of firearms enthusiasts who are volunteers. Safety is our paramount concern. The range safety officers (RSO) are in complete charge of this shooting activity. Any decisions of the RSO team leader will be final.

Since safety is our primary concern, we require all shooters to comply with the following rules. Non-compliance will be corrected by our staff. If you fail to cooperate, we will ask you to leave. There is no substitute for safety.

  1. You must have eye and ear protection on before entering the range. Prescription eyewear fulfills the eye protection requirement.
  2. All firearms will be cased and uncased at the shooting bench only. This includes holstered and concealed firearms.
  3. All firing from benches 1 thru 18 must be from the seated position. This includes pistols.
  4. All fire must be directed so as to impact the dirt backstop. Only paper targets and Huron Pointe supplied metal targets and target frames may be used. No shot will be allowed on the lanes. We have a shotgun patterning lane to the left of the pistol lanes.
  5. You may fully load your magazines/clips, but there must be a minimum of two seconds between shots.
  6. All fire must be aimed. Firing from the hip or “quick-draw” is prohibited.
  7. There are lights mounted on the ceiling. The yellow light indicates the range is “cold“. While cold, all shooters must remain behind the yellow safety line unless cleared to go downrange to check targets. Do not go near any benches.  If you need to cross the line for any other reason, ask permission from an RSO. The red light indicates a “hot” status. When the range is hot, you may approach the bench and fire in a safe manner.  Do not cross the red line.
  8. Safety Cease Fires: In the event of an unsafe condition, ANYONE may call for a cease fire. Upon hearing the call for cease fire, immediately stop firing, place your firearm on safe, put it down and step behind the yellow safety line. Await further direction.
  9. Routine Cease Fires: RSOs will periodically call for a target cease fire. When called, unload your firearm, remove all magazines/clips, lock the action to the rear or block the chamber with an appropriate device and step behind the safety line. Await the next instruction. Note: A muzzleloader or other black-powder firearm is considered safe if all nipples are without percussion caps.
  10. No smoking in front of the yellow safety line or within 25 feet of an open powder container.
  11. Report any firearms malfunctions to an RSO. We will assist you if required. The RSO team may require the firearm to be removed from the range.
  12. Please help us by disposing of your unwanted brass in the brass buckets provided. Steel cases, shotgun shells and other trash go in the trash cans.

We reserve the right to be more restrictive with any group as the situation requires. In all cases, the decision of the RSO team leader is final. Safety is first, fun is second, ALWAYS!



Fees & Hours
Rifle / Pistol Range
Members$ 5.00
Guests$ 20.00
Active-Duty Military (with ID card)$ 10.00
Youth$ 5.00
Cost includes $1 environmental fee
Range Hours: Saturdays & Sundays 10AM-4PM (March - December); 12PM-4PM (January & February)

Come and Practice Your Marksmanship!

Come out, spend an enjoyable morning or afternoon at the range, and have some fun!  Bring a friend, bring a youngster, or just bring yourself.  If you haven’t gotten out to shoot in a while, you need to do so.  Nothing beats a good day at the range, so be sure to bring plenty of ammo!


Come join us and you’ll see that the HPSA Rifle & Pistol Range is the best kept secret on the eastside!

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